Specialty Bullet Resistant Wood Doors - Level 4-8


When security and safety are of utmost importance, or required by the Department of Homeland Security and DOD/AFTP regulations, we offer a full line of bullet resistant metal doors and frames.

This cost-efficient readily available solution protects against assault and vandalism at vulnerable door openings such as courthouses,banks, schools, and post offices. It's also available with bullet resistant glass, wood veneered hollow metal and solid wood doors available to match any design requirement.

Custom engineering allows aesthetic choices to be combined with technical requirements:

  • Made with a proprietary ballistic armor shield core
  • Non-ricocheting armor UL levels 4-8
  • Certified and third-party tested in accordance with UL752 standards
  • PLAM veneered hollow metal, and solid wood doors available to match any design requirement
  • Bullet resistant glazing available